ELDERS (Short)  Production and Costume Designer  Director: Tony Briggs Typecast Entertainment

EVERY DAY MY MOTHER’S VOICE (Paul Kelly clip)  Production Designer  Director: Ian Darling  Shark Island Productions


MINDSET (Series)  Set Stylist  Producer: Jacob Hickey Blackfella Films

HO HO HOME HARDWARE (TVC)  Art Director  Director: Jesse Richards Cummins & Partners

MAXWELL WILLIAMS MOMENTS (TVCs)  Art Director  Director: Omar Fawahl Cummins & Partners

AHM BRIDGING (TVCs)  Buyer/Dresser  Director: Grantley Smith Flare

SPECSAVERS DON’T GET STUCK (TVCs)  Art Director  Director: Grantley Smith Bumble Bee

ODDLANDS (Short)  Production Designer  Director: Bruce Gladwin  Matchbox Pictures

MUSTANGS FC (TV Series)  Production Designer  Directors: Tori Garrett, Roger Hodgman, Corrie Chen and Fiona Banks  Matchbox Pictures


THE FAMILY LAW 2 (TV Series)  Production Designer  Directors: Ben Chessell and Sophie Miller Matchbox Pictures

THE EDGE OF THE BUSH (TV Series)  Production Designer  Director: Kate McCartney  Guesswork Television

LITTLE LUNCH SPECIALS (TV Specials)  Production Designer  Directors: Robyn Butler and Tim Bartley Gristmill Productions

UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN 3 (TV Series)  Production Designer  Director: Wayne Hope  Gristmill Productions

THE KATERING SHOW 2 (TV Series)  Production Designer  Director: Cameron Ford  Katering Productions/Guesswork Television


PLEASE LIKE ME 3 (TV Series)  Production Designer  Director: Matthew Saville  Pigeon Fancier Productions/John and Josh International

LITTLE LUNCH (TV Series)  Production Designer  Directors: Wayne Hope, Erin White, Ian Reiser, Tim Bartley, Bob Franklin  Gristmill Productions


STORIES I WANT TO TELL YOU IN PERSON (TV Miniseries)  Production Designer  Director: Erin White  Matchbox Pictures

HAMMER OR CLAW (Short) Production Designer  Director: Bob Franklin

UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN 2 (TV Series)  Production Designer  Directors: Wayne Hope & Tony Martin  Gristmill Productions

THE MOON AND THE SUN (Feature)  Set Designer  Production Designer: Michelle McGahey


KILL ME THREE TIMES (Feature)  Art Director  Production Designer: Clayton Jauncey

NOWHERE BOYS (TV Series)  Production Designer  Directors: Daina Reid, Peter Carstairs, Alister Grierson & Craig Irvin  Matchbox Pictures

FOUR N TWENTY FOOTY BINGO (TVC)  Production and Costume Designer  Director: Tom Noakes  Photoplay Films


UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN (TV Series)  Production Designer  Directors: Wayne Hope & Tony Martin  Gristmill Productions

I, FRANKENSTEIN  (Feature)  Second Cutter  Costume Designer: Cappi Ireland


CONSPIRACY 365 (TV Series)  Costume Designer  Directors: Paul Goldman, Pino Amenta & Steve Mann  Circa Media

WOODLEY (TV series)  Production Designer  Director: Trent O’Donnell  Bucket Tree Productions

AUSTRALIA POST ZING (TVC)  Key Prop Design  Director: Trent O’Donnell  Jungleboys


THE LATE SESSION (TV series)  Production Designer  Director: Simon Francis  SBS TV

THE LIBRARIANS 3 (TV series)  Set Decorator  Directors: Wayne Hope & Tony Martin  Gristmill Productions

TELSTRA CHRISTMAS (8 TVCs)  Costume Designer  Director: Luke Shanahan  8com


POLLY AND ME (short)  Costume Designer  Director: Ian Darling  Shark Island Productions

KFC CRICKET (11 TVCs)  Production Designer  Director: Luke Shanahan  8com

PIZZA HUT MIA/DIPPERS (3 TVCs)  Production Designer  Director: Luke Shanahan  8com

KFC CHEATER (TVC)  Production and Costume Designer  Director: Luke Shanahan  8com

WITHOUT YOU (Empire of the Sun clip)  Art Director  Director: Josh Logue  The Feds

STILL STANDING (Hilltop Hoods clip)  Art Director  Director: Josh Logue  The Feds

TURNAROUND (Kisschasy clip)  Production Designer  Director: Josh Logue  The Feds


CAGE EGGS (2 TVCs)  Production and Costume Designer  Director: Maia Horniak  First Cut

CRUMPLER AIRPORT (viral ad)  Production and Costume Designer  Director: Maia Horniak  First Cut

COHEN ET SABINE (viral ad)  Production Designer  Director: Maia Horniak  First Cut

1000 STARS (Natalie Bassingthwaite clip) Production Designer  Director: Gemma Lee  Blackberry Films

YOU (Wes Carr clip) Production Designer  Director: Gemma Lee  Blackberry Films

MAKE A MOVE (The Black Seeds clip)  Production and Costume Designer  Director: Maia Horniak  First Cut

THE LIGHTHOUSE SONG (Josh Pyke clip)  Production Designer  Director: Leigh Richards/Greedy Hen  Darley Street Disco

COULD THIS BE (Lovers Electric clip)  Production Designer  Director: Bill Stepanoski  Radical Love

MARTIAN BEER (Elvi Jean clip)  Production and Costume Designer  Director: Maia Horniak  First Cut

COLOUR DAY TOURS (Trial Kennedy clip)  Production Designer  Director: Bill Stepanoski

YOU WILL ONLY BREAK MY HEART (Delta Goodrem clip)  Production Designer  Director: Gemma Lee  Blackberry Films

WHAT YOU’RE ON (Rogue Traders clip)  Production Designer  Director: Gemma Lee  Blackberry Films


PMARRA COUNTRY (series pilot)  Production Designer  Director: Dena Curtis  National Indigenous TV

HUSH (short)  Production Designer  Director: Dena Curtis  Bit of Black Business series/SBS


WORK IT OUT (short)  Production and Costume Designer   Director: Ed Wightman


BURNING DAYLIGHT (shorts)  Assistant Costume Designer & key standby  Marrageku


DRIVING TEST (short)  Costume Designer  Director: Paul Andersen  Tropfest

GREG EVANS IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN MOSMAN (short)  Costume Designer  Directors: Paul McNally & Nicola Parry  Tropfest  Shortlisted and screened in Best of the Rest


RYDGES JAMISON (TVCs – Qantas inflight and cinema)  Production and Costume Designer  Director: Linden Goh




LA TRAVIATA  Co-Designer  Director: Rachel McDonald  Oz Opera

MADAGASCAR  Designer  Director: Sam Strong  Melbourne Theatre Company


STRANGE ATTRACTOR  Designer  Director: Nick Marchand  Griffin Theatre Company

LYING CHEATING BASTARD Designer  Director: Nicholas Hammond   Soft Tread

CITIZENSHIP  Designer  Director: Lee Lewis  ATYP


THE PIANIST  Design Consultant  Director: Rachel McDonald  Company B Belvoir/Sydney Festival

THE RED SHOE   Designer  Director: Kate Shearer  Jigsaw Theatre Company

THE PILLOWMAN  Costume Designer  Director: Craig Ilott  Company B Belvoir


JAY’S PLACE  Designer  Directors: Julie Money & Peter Cudlipp  Sydney Theatre

LA VERA COSTANZA  Designer  Director: Rachel McDonald  Sydney Conservatorium of Music

KING LEAR  Costume Designer  Director: Mark Kilmurry  Studio/Riverside

STORIES IN THE DARK  Designer  Director: Tim Jones  ATYP

OCTOBER  Designer  Director: Julian Meyrick  Griffin Theatre Company

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM  Set Designer  Director: Kate Shearer  Jigsaw Theatre Company

RUBY MOON  Designer  Director: Andrew Upton  Sydney Theatre Company


REUNION and A KIND OF ALASKA  Costume Designer  Directors: Andrew Upton & Cate Blanchett  Sydney Theatre Company

THE SUITORS  Costume Designer  Director: Craig Ilott  Old Fitzroy Hotel

ON THE CASE  Costume Designer  Director: Debra Batton  Legs on the Wall


A MOMENT ON THE LIPS  Designer  Director: Kim Hardwick  Griffin Stablemates

NAILED  Designer  Director: David Berthold  Griffin Theatre Company

THE MEMORY OF WATER  Designer  Director: Kim Hardwick  Darlinghurst Theatre

A GIRL IN A CAR WITH A MAN  Designer  Director: Lenore McGregor  Street Theatre/Old Fitzroy

LAWRENCE AND HOLLOMAN  Costume Designer  Director: Ed Wightman  Darlinghurst Theatre


CAR GODS… BURN  Designer  Director: Nic Clark  Railway Street Theatre

A MOMENT ON THE LIPS  Designer  Director: Kim Hardwick  Trades Hall

WILDE TALES  Costume Designer  Director: Julian Louis  Belvoir B Sharp

MR BAILEY’S MINDER  Designer  Director: Chris Hurrell  Griffin Theatre Company

NOIR  Designer  Director: Tamara Cook  Darlinghurst Theatre


MYTH, PROPAGANDA and DISASTER…  Set Designer  Director: Chris Hurrell  Stables Theatre/Tangent

WHAT THE UMBRELLA DID NEXT  Costume Designer  Director: Chris Hurrell  ATYP

CHICKS WILL DIG YOU!  Designer  Director: Tamara Cook  Belvoir B Sharp

ELLING  Designer  Director: Sarah Goodes  Belvoir B Sharp

A MOMENT ON THE LIPS  Designer  Director: Kim Hardwick  Old Fitzroy Hotel


ITALIAN-AMERICAN RECONCILIATION  Designer  Director: Sarah Goodes  Belvoir Downstairs

GREEK TRAGEDY  Designer  Director: Evdokia Katahanas  Belvoir B Sharp

LA RONDE  Designer  Director: Jen Apostolou  Belvoir B Sharp

THE GLORY OF LIVING  Designer  Director: Lyn Wallis  PACT

VERTIGO AND THE VIRGINIA  Designer  Director: Sarah Goodes  Old Fitzroy Hotel


BLUE HEART  Costume Designer  Director: Kate Gaul  SBW Stables

THE ACTOR’S NIGHTMARE  Costume Designer  Director: Bob Vernon  Pennsylvania Center Stage